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Good news for everyone!
Imagine you are reading an amazing story on your computer, and suddenly your boss is calling you to start your job. You are already outdoors. You need to continue reading on your phone. Or maybe you have Smart TV and need to send some link to TV?
How to do it?
Browsers and other programs cannot help you. Of course, you can send e-mail or SMS to yourself but there is much easier way!
You should just go to this website http://bufer.me and full the blank with link to article. Then press the button “Save the text” and get your code.
It is simple code consisting only 3 characters that will be easy enough to remember.
And, the last thing you need to do – just go to this website from the other device, insert 3 characters of code and press “Get the text”.
Congrats! You’re done.
Very fast, easy and WITHOUT ADVERTISING!
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